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Where can maths take you?

  • 6 October 2021

At William Barcroft Junior School we have been exploring the opportunities that open up to us when we work hard as mathematicians in school.  Each year group have learnt about a famous mathematician from our fantastic entrance display.  Year 3 pupils have explored the life of Ava Lovelace and her achievements, Year 4 pupils have learnt about Rosalind Franklin whilst years 5 and 6 investigated the lives of Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing.  Children have been amazed at what can be achieved through being great at maths! Activities in school have included researching and creating a factfile,  playing ‘tell me more’  and writing a letter in role to the Prime Minister.

We also have our very own William Barcrcoft example on our display.  Mr Dawes was taught maths by Mrs Sargent as a pupil and is now our new year 3 teacher! He loved maths at school and went on to study it at university.  Our children have been excitedly talking about their aspirations and what careers they might like to do linked to maths.



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