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Proposal to change the name of Healing School – A Science Academy

  • 19 May 2022

Proposal to change the name of Healing School – A Science Academy

We are currently consulting on changing the name from Healing School – A Science Academy to Healing Academy.

The current school name relates back to a specialist schools programme developed by the government in the late 1990s encouraging schools to specialise in certain areas of the curriculum.  This was subsequently abolished in the early 2000s after a far more standardised approach to secondary education was created.

We want to remove the outdated part of the name to reflect the academies link to Harbour Learning Trust (formally Healing Multi Academy Trust) and its family of academies.  We understand ‘Healing’ is a really important part of the name and that part would remain unchanged.  After the name change the academy would continue to have its own branding and identity for the community it serves and supports.

Consultation will run until 27th May 2022.  Questions or comments can be made by email to [email protected] or in writing to Wendy Smith, Harbour Learning Trust, Low Road, Healing DN41 7QD.

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