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Healing School Student Elections

  • 4 July 2022

Students at Healing School Academy made history last week when we held our first ever Prime Minister elections.

Students took great delight in forming the start of their School Government, electing a leader to hold the honorary position of Prime Minister.  In the build up to the momentous occasion, assemblies were held by the four successful shortlisted candidates campaigning and competing for the desired position. They were Lacie Mustafa in Year 7, Leon May in Year 8, Oskar Grzeminski in Year 9 and Zuzanna Adamska in Year 9.

All four candidates were assigned campaign managers: Lacie worked alongside Mrs Gunn, whilst Leon was supported by Mr Goodwin. Zuzanna had help from Mrs Smith and Oskar worked closely with Mrs Horner. They each had a budget of £25 to spend for their campaign and some decided to raise support through giving out badges, stickers, flags and more whilst others thought information leaflets would be a good way to get their message across.

Thursday the 23rd of June was the day of the student elections and all students came down to vote during their tutor period.  North East Lincolnshire Council very kindly allowed us to borrow voting booths and ballot boxes so the students got to experience the real election process. The students had all been previously reminded about the importance of voting, their democratic right, and it was great to see so many students take this incredibly seriously.  During the course of Thursday the votes were counted and we held a special live Election Results Day on Friday 24th June.

The count was very close but Oskar Grzeminski was elected into the position of Prime Minister with over 330 votes. Leon May who came second in the voting was elected as Deputy Prime Minster. All four applicants had run superb campaigns and really did themselves and Healing School proud. Oskar and Leon are now in the process of forming their cabinet which will include Zuzzana and Lacie in cabinet roles.

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