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Lincoln Imp Returns

  • 14 October 2021

We are pleased to announce the return of our LCA Imp this week! Our spectacular painted Imp will soon be in full view for all staff, students and visitors to see. We know you will be IMPressed when you pass through reception!

In March 2020, we embarked upon the exciting Lincoln Imp Educational Trail project, together with the support of The Education Business Partnership and we took delivery of our naked Imp. At that time, we had to put our Imp into hibernation for a while until the organisers re launched the trail this year.

However, we steamed ahead and together with designs from excellent remote learning in March 2020, we too relaunched our Lincoln Imp Design competition in September 2020 on return into school-based learning.

Mrs Innes was thrilled to receive so many IMPressive designs from students in Year 7 all the way through to our 6th Form. It was clear students had really considered the design elements we wanted incorporated into the final design. Our beautiful school uniform played a big part in many of the most successful designs entered. Some students focused on the mission statement and school rules as inspiration, including decorative text and the statements – Learn, Care Achieve, Be respectful, Be safe, Be prepared and Be studious. Our entries from Year 8 students had a clear link to their curriculum learning in Art lessons and used the angular shaped nature of Cubism as a starting point for their designs. In fact, there were so many excellent designs entries it was difficult for Mrs Innes and our Senior Leadership Team to choose one final Imp design. Therefore, in line with our school ethos of working together as a community we felt it fitting that one final design was created from a collaboration of student ideas.

The winning students that contributed to our LCA Imp final design were:

• Mina Hendley
• Patrycja Skowronska
• Beth Chester
• Sharn Hayward
• James Mank

So after several months on tour, our Imp returns from the summer long event held in Lincoln City where 50 Educational Imps have been on display in different indoor venues alongside the outdoor large sculpture Lincoln Imp Trail. Visitors from around Lincolnshire and beyond have enjoyed following the trail, including our staff and students during the summer. It really has been fun hunting down our LCA Imp.

Our Facebook posts have been alive with information throughout the year on the progress of the Imp design competition, the progress of the painting of our Imp by our winning students and of our community enjoying our Imp on the trail.

We acknowledge The Nationwide Building Society in Lincoln for taking great care of our LCA Imp during the summer and thank the manager, Debra Canwell for her support and kind words, ‘we love the Imp, and we are delighted to work with you’.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to create their own Imp Design entry for the competition. It really has been an IMPeccable year for the Art & Design department to be part of such an exciting project!

Mrs Zoe Innes – Head of Art and Design


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